Charles Premiere “Hot Wax” on AP!

Thanks to Allston Pudding for hosting out Triple Threat #2 release “Charles”. We are so happy these guys hoped on the label. This music is such an awesome throwback to being a stupid young adult in the lovely NH. Don’t believe me, well check it out HERE. Pre-order today!

Single Premiere “Lorraine” off Bedroom Eyes – Honeysuckle


I know you guys have been waiting patiently for Triple Threat to kick off well here you go. Stream the new single “Lorraine” off Bedroom Eyes new album “Honeysuckle” You will not be disappointed! The official album will be released on November 24th and pre-orders are available now over at our bandcamp. They will be supporting the album with some tour dates,




Big Mess Pre-order / New Store

Thanks to Clicky Clicky for hosting the full stream and pre-order for the new Big Mess record “You are my sunshine”. If you pre-order it you will get a chance to win a limited test press with a handcrafted cover out of 5.

Also you can now pre-order the records from our new store! Check it out

Kal Marks LP and Forn Repress available on Big Cartel

Some cool Midnight Werewolf Records news…



The Kal Marks “Life is Murder” LP is now available for purchase on our big cartel. If you missed them on tour or were unable to pick one up I suggest you do so. These suckers are moving fast!!!

Also we re-pressed the Fórn Cassette Tape. These are also now available for purchase. We only have about 10 copies left so move move move!!!

Pick them both up at

Stream at

Sneeze Limited Tour Cassette Deom 2013


So Sneeze getting all of their stuff ready for tour and

they decided to record 3 new demo tracks of songs that will be off of their upcoming full length they plan to record in November.

They will be releasing this as a limited cassette that will only be available on their tour and out of 50. The packaging is great! So make sure you come out to one of their dates.

I decided to post the tracks on the bandcamp for stream only while they are on tour! They will be playing these songs for you guys so listen up! The stream will come down Oct 2nd.


Thanks for all your support. Feedback is welcome!!!

see everyone shortly!


Sneeze September Tour

SHIT IS 4 REALZ DAWG!!! Sneeze leaves for tour early september.

they will be coming with new shirts, a new 3 song tour demo cassette which will feature songs off of their upcoming full length, they will have koozies, posters, and even some limited IGTKM Blue Vinyls!!!

Sneeze will be playing Allston DIY Fest for our tour kick-off we perform at 2:20 pm right before Ovlov and our buds Lady Bones

Check out who else is playing here

keep an eye out and I hope to see all you guys soon
Oh and fuckin share this post!!!

Big Mess joins MWR

Big Mess has been killing it for quite sometime now all around the Boston area, playing a unique style of instrumental bluesy doom. They have released a cassette tape as well as a split with S’eance which you can listen to here. I am stoked to announce that they have just recorded some new songs with our good friend Will Killingsworth at Dead Air studios and MWR will be releasing it on 12″. Let me tell you this is one of my favorite bands especially live and i personally cannot wait for this to blow a hole through the back of your skulls. We will be updating the status of this release throughout the year so please make sure to keep checking for updates. We have a very busy 2013 and it’s looking the same for 2014. For now, make sure to catch them at a gig and on their upcoming tour. Their shows will be listed on our page.  Keep it real.

Forn and Kal Marks Releases!

Midnight Werewolf would like to announce the release of 2 great Boston bands this summer: Fórn and Kal Marks.

The Fórn cassette will be a limited tour edition out of 50 copies and will have a release date of 07.18.13. These will be out just in time for their first tour with FINISHER. You can pick them up at one of their upcoming tour dates. BUT DON’T WORRY, if you don’t live near by, I will have 10 copies for mail order which will be available through the big cartel / bandcamp on 07.18.13. These ones look amazing! Here are their dates, if anyone in the NC area can help please send them a message! Stream away HERE!

July 19 – NYC @ TBA
July 20 – Frederick, MD @ Church
July 21 – Harrisonburg VA @ Blue Nile
July 24 – Jacksonville, FL @ Atticus Bar
July 25 – SAVANNAH, GA @ The Jinx
July 26 – Atlanta, GA @ 529
July 27 – Richmond, VA @ A HOUSE (message for address)
July 28 – Philly @ Kungfu Necktie Upstairs

Now, I have been itching to announce this all week!!! Midnight Werewolf  will be teaming up with Exploding In Sound and Sophomore Lounge to release the Kal Marks “Life is Murder” record this late Summer / Fall 2013. Keep checking back here for updates later throughout the weeks! These recordings are amazing!

Kal Marks Life Is Murder Cover

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